Tuesday, May 21, 2013

BHLDN 2013 spring wedding dresses new photo

In addition to the marriageable age, or really met the right people, is not possible because of the emergence of a dress, and make you want to "marriage"?

After reading the series just published by BHLDN series, I think the answer is possible. This back to the brand's spring collection, recruited include Peter Som, Ranna Gill, Catherine Deane, Tracy Reese, Collette Dinnigan and Rachel Gilbert and other designer brand launched a limited wedding dress, white wedding tune, designer selection lace, tulle and diamond for the wrapped wedding blessing in the beauty of a woman inside does not appear that you want to get married one.

As described ahead in this tribute to the traditional white gauze series, the designer selection of exquisite fabrics, take a simple but light up the whole the luxurious style jewelry, like waving a romantic magic wand, so thatThe series seems beautiful and sensual.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gorgeous wedding dresses charm

No matter at what age, every woman dreams of wedding dress that day, gorgeous, elegant wedding brought us a lot of different style, focusing on back design wedding appear more and more in the public's eyes,together to feel the infinite charm of the wedding, looking for the most suitable for your set!

The simple design of the dress, and can not be undone, the main motive of the whole wedding, only one turned people will be able to get a glimpse behind the infinite style gorgeous Ball Gown Wedding Dresses straps entangled pure white wedding dress and fashion stripes reflect each other!

Full of texture cloth against the background of the bride more noble, gorgeous sense of pouring non-stop, simply change the direction of rotation will be able to bring you a full sense of design wedding dresses.

Bow once again play his unique charm, big flower ball with a big bow jointly create the perfect mood, retro gorgeous palace-style wedding bride brings good memories.

Extending a straight line from the waist, surrounded by flowers ball wedding dress, like water flowing slowly, like a delicate love, as it takes time to continue to accumulate! Shiny pattern covering the whole wedding will be revealed inadvertently make you marvel at his romantic luxury!

Full of texture satin with transparent tulle bursting out with a romantic beautiful light, simple and flawless, so that the bride to like exposure Wonderland romantic, and put on such a beautiful wedding dress, and definitely make your pleasantly surprised.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Beautiful wedding shoes with wedding dress

At a wedding, wedding shoes may easily be ignored by the new people, but a pair of shoes the color, not only for clothing extra points, but also to enhance the bride's personal taste; beautiful bride from head to toe perfection, high quality beautiful cheap wedding dress and high heels perfect match-it was still a big headache for brides, let us take a look at changing the wedding garment in the end how ingenious it.
Concise style, the skirt is the most common manifestation of orthodox wedding, such dress with shoes, style is relatively simple and can be better in white, silver color, the more the closer the wedding white or beigenot exposed dissonant dark shoes when walking unobtrusive fit with the wedding.
Mostly dressed in cheongsam bride first reaction in the choice of shoes that is red, does the color red is the most appropriate, but due to the tradition of the clothing, we can make a fuss in the style of shoes to increase the cheongsam fashion indexsuch as embroidery, embroidered satin or the unexpected flat shoes, can become the focus caught the eye.

Procure a good pair of wedding shoes can sometimes seem like as hard to come across a pair. Custom wedding shoes for suspiciousness married many matters have no time to spend more time to find a suitable wedding shoes newcomers simply the gospel, regardless of style, size, decoration, color, and even with the high in accordance with the requirements of the guests to make, also be combined with a little creativity, Huacai sum for the perfect wedding gift.

Monday, May 13, 2013

The wedding custom brand VeraWang canceled 3000 "fitting fee"

Recently, the the wedding dresses custom luxury brand VeraWang announced a unified service standards on a global scale to fully eliminate the cost of store try. This means that the brand flagship store in China in Shanghai will also cancel the 3000 "fitting fee. Earlier, VeraWang Shanghai store charges has triggered concern in the community and talk Insiders pointed out that the consumer of luxury goods in mainland China the rapid growth of the specific consumption, but the market is still controversial.
Reporter yesterday in Xintiandi VeraWang stores to see the wedding are "million" price, a product of hundreds of thousands of dollars everywhere. According to previous reports, VeraWang require the consumer to pay 3,000 yuan to try, if consumers end up buying the product, arrived with money; if they do not, the fee hit the "hydroplaning". For this statement, the staff stressed that "the practice, it is not fitting fee, service fee."
The stores charge explained: "We have implemented the reservation service system, and each consumer contract, setting out 3000 yuan for the" service charge "." He also said that 3000 "value for money", reflects the first-class service level, including stores daily reception up to seven consumers try one or two personal service, refreshments, modify the size. The official admits: "Now the company's headquarters has decided to cancel this cost, we have to consider how the appointment system, to continue to ensure quality of service, after all, we do not want to see consumers at the door waiting in line to wear a wedding dress."
In addition to the reasonableness of the charge being questioned, prohibition of VeraWang stores the requirements of consumers photos also led to speculation: is not allowed to take pictures shop in order to prevent plagiarism? 3000 "fitting fee" is not to increase the cost of "plagiarism"? This interpretation allows the shop to feel a little helpless: "can not take pictures just want to be able to get the best display, do not want the wearing effect of the non-professional photography in online forums and other channels. Fact, our products pictures will be publicly.


Fashion observers Wang Lin today that this indicates that the Chinese market for luxury consumption both curious and not quite familiar: in the global luxury market, service and experience is considered essential in the actual operation, there are a lot of luxury brands rather large number of consumers in the door, but also to ensure that consumers are choosing to have a comfortable shopping environment; Vera Wang set on the service charge, the provisions are not allowed to take pictures, etc., can also be understood as an initiative to ensure that the consumer experience. "but she pointed out that a lot of luxury goods is low-key and aloof, rarely face public questioning, line service personnel there are also "pick customer" phenomenon, easily sparked discontent.
Business Consulting Dayu, $ VeraWang3000 "service fee" becomes a topic reflect many consumers are not familiar with the "service value". He said that not only consumer of luxury goods to the presence service value, service value public goods, such as before Best Buy, Wonder City appliance retailer trial service of the real machine, the result of the high price of the product, because it contains the value of services; The high-star hotels charge 10-15% "service charge", has also been recognized by the market. From Best Buy and delisting of Wonder City can be found in the Chinese market has not yet fully accepted the service value, in this process, it is inevitable that there will be controversy about the "service charge".

Monday, February 25, 2013

Have You Seen All Kinds of Wedding Dresses

Sobriety is the hallmark of this special design Jennifer Pritchard, who continues to surprise pleasantly since we discovered her wedding dress of words, made entirely of book pages.
And is that achieving elegance with a different wedding dress is sometimes a difficult task, so we love the simplicity of this design, 
in a tone between rosewood and coffee, with a romantic lace detail at the above. The touch is more british pamela matching.
And do not miss our selection of beach wedding gowns!For some time the bridal fashion runways have experienced intense revolution in freedom in designs, 
colors and materials, and seemingly boundless creativity and innovation is what sets the trends. However, when choosing a wedding dress most women seem to lean toward the traditional,
opting for white dresses romantic and feminine design. This is our best selection of classic dresses collections 2012.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Summer Wedding Dress

Wedding is a grand event in everyone's life and one should not stay behind in making it the most memorable and auspicious one.
 Wedding is a romantic affair and one needs to pick up the perfect attire that should be liked and praised by all. 
It is necessary to choose the wedding attire in which one feels at ease during the whole ceremony and can relax and enjoy at the same time. 
Try taking your friend along when you go to shop for the summer dress as she would give you suggestions that you might need when you get confused. 
Just listen to your heart and plan the best for your wedding which is an important event in life. Get yourself the best to look excellent on this day.
You can search online and look for great options which can not be available at retail stores. Select among the huge varieties and choose the best. Shop for the summer wedding dress and flaunt it on the grand day.

Monday, February 4, 2013

A line Wedding Dresses

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